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03-05-12, 11:33
Nothing to add to BK6 from this thread


Please could someone who has worldwide Ancestry have a look at any Tasmanian records (I see from Kiterunner's post in Family History News there are some new things available :)) to see if there is anything for Frederick Maynard?

All I know so far is that Frederick was born in Whittlesford, Cambs in 1841 and was still in the UK through to 1881. He died in Tasmania October 13th 1890 aged 49 years, though his death cert says he was 46. His death cert states he was an "artist" (he was a draughtsman in the UK) and died of chronic disease of the brain following four years of delusional insanity.

Anything that can be added would be of great interest to me. Frederick was a younger brother of my great-grandfather.

03-05-12, 11:44
Nothing I can see, sorry.

03-05-12, 11:49
:(:(:( Thanks for looking for me, Toni :)

03-05-12, 19:17
You could always try Australian findmypast but I can't see whether the free trial is still available:

It seems the site has had a makeover since I last visited it, and you can buy credits. Also the search is free anyway so you can look before you decide whether to buy credits. Maybe the free trial is no longer available because of the new credit system?

The search facility is quite different from the one they have on the UK FMP; I'm going to have a play with it later or tomorrow! It looks like the US site. I wonder whether we will wake up one morning to find they've revamped the UK site to match?

03-05-12, 21:01
I'll be taking a look at that site - I now have a list of Australians to look for!

I wonder whether we will wake up one morning to find they've revamped the UK site to match?

lol Well, the UK one is a bit out of the ark (the search facility anyway).

03-05-12, 22:18
The Australian Findmypast site has a section called "Coming soon" which says:
We are continually adding new records you will not find anywhere else. These will include:
•55 million new records from Australia and New Zealand
•Irish Prison Records and other great Irish records
•Life Events (Births, Marriages, Deaths and more)
•The British Newspaper Archives
•40 million parish baptisms, marriages and burials from across England and Wales dating back to 1538
•Passenger lists of ships leaving the UK 1890-1960
•Rapidly growing collection of local UK records dating back to 1700, including school admissions, workhouse registers and apprenticeships indentures
•1 Billion Records from the British Isles
•Military Records
•Immigration / emigration records
•Rapidly Expanding US Records and Newspapers

These records and more will be available through additional packages

So maybe they will soon be launching a worldwide sub?
(Or maybe it'll be like the "add-ons" you can get on GR, not so great.)

04-05-12, 03:07
A worldside FMP would be nice, if it's not too much more than the UK one.

Just checked the annual sub is $60 which is not bad but I can't find out exactly what records they do have. From what I can see I wonder if it would be possible to view these records elsewhere for free.

PS I don't like the new format, It seems hard to use.