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Gert in Oz
30-04-12, 07:36
After realising a parish record of a marriage i have had for some time, says OH`s 3x ggrandmother was Elizabeth Malbon (not Melton) and as she was only 17, her fathers name was a bonus on there.

Daniel Malbon b. 1782 Snelston Derbyshire d. 1857 Ashbourne Derbyshire

There is a tree on Ancestry that seems to have this family very well documented back to 890 AD, but the owner has not been on for over 12 months

It says Daniel had a will dated 1849, yet died 1857, which i have never come across before and cannot find said will.....It says "Will of Daniel Malbon, baker, of Compton, Clifton, Derbyshire, 1849"

Can anyone find a will please ?

30-04-12, 07:57
It wouldn't be particularly unusual for his will to be dated 8 years before he died, Sylvia. If he had no reason to update it in the meantime. I'll see if I can find where Derbyshire wills are; I have a feeling it's Staffordshire or something... back in a minute.

30-04-12, 08:02
Okay, found an entry in the Index to Death Duty Registers for 1857 - Malbon, Daniel, residence Compton, executor M Malbon, court Lichfield, register 3, folio 806.

30-04-12, 08:05
I think this is where you would need to order a copy from:
Lichfield Record Office (http://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/leisure/archives/contact/LichfieldRecordOffice/home.aspx)

Gert in Oz
30-04-12, 08:08
Thank you Kite, that says death duty register, would there still be a will and do i apply to Lichfield for it

Gert in Oz
30-04-12, 08:09
Ah we cross posted thank you

01-05-12, 12:25
Message the ancestry tree. Ancestry send an email to them so they could get your message.