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Sue from Southend
26-04-12, 13:31
Julius Eugene Webster is showing on US Naturalization Records Indexes 1794 - 1974 and also on the Selected US Naturalization Records - Original Documents. He's in Oregon but the little bit I can see doesn't tell me when :( The Julius Webster I'm looking for was born abt 1886 .... Place of birth could be Sardinia/Italy.

I doubt it's him but you never know!

Many Thanks

I've just found him again on the Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists:o

26-04-12, 14:44

The one in Oregon is a printing pressman born Nottingham 3 March 1898, name Julius Eugene Webster.

The one on the Seattle Passenger and Crew Lists is just Julius Webster, Messboy, 25 yrs old in 1921, tattoos on both arms, and was discharged in Kobe, Japan, did not get to Seattle on this trip.

Have PMd you.

Sue from Southend
26-04-12, 14:53
Thanks for looking Janet (and for the pm!)

I don't think it's my Julius - I really was clutching at straws but once I'd seen that record I had to know :D

My Julius middle name was Montague but he had a brother whose middle name was Eugene - it was too much of a coincidence to ignore!

Thanks again