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25-04-12, 17:09
Ancextry has her baptism between 1871 and 1875 in Lambeth.

Would sks please look at the entry for me? I'd like to know what the entry says, in particular who her parents are and their address and if a birth date is given.

Many thanks

25-04-12, 17:13
Blink. Parents Frederick & Eliza. Back to the drawing board. *sighs*

26-04-12, 10:58
Are you certain on the middle name? The are a few Minnie Anderson's besides the one you mentioned.

I just checked FMP but there was no result.

26-04-12, 11:41
It's the surname I'm not certain about, Kit. And even the Christian names, come to that! The Minnie Amelia I found was obviously not baptised as an infant and I'm looking for someone born approx 1873. I suspect she was an adopted daughter, but I can't locate her, and until I get permission from the family, I can't post anything to identify her in later records.

26-04-12, 13:29
Sounds tricky.

03-05-12, 06:35
Sorry I can`t help...Amelia Anderson , happens to be my neighbours name ...that`s why it caught my eye....small world ...allan