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23-04-12, 02:50
I'm trying to further my Indian research as FMP have let me down and haven't, as yet, published the british library BMD's.

Can anyone give me ideas where I can look, online, for indian stuff?

I know of familysearch BMDs, the british library online India Office records, FIBIS, I have online access to the Times of India from 1838 and BASCA. FMP have a directory or 2.

23-04-12, 04:37
Wish I knew, Toni. Sorry, can't help on this one but I'll be following your progress with great interest.

Muggins in Sussex
23-04-12, 05:50
There are some links here, Toni - but it looks as though a couple of them me be out of date :confused: http://rmhh.co.uk/india.html

23-04-12, 06:30
Thanks Muggins, will have a look now.

No worries Janet. My progress with India goes well for a little while. Then stops completely. Then I get a bit more done, then stall and so on.

I think the hardest part will be getting the male lines back to the UK. I can't see me being able to trace the indian side at all.

23-04-12, 06:53
Jacky (Tilly Mint ) has done extensive research on her Indian ancestors..try a PM to her ...allan

23-04-12, 07:06
I can't think of anything else online apart from the ones you've listed, Toni. (And very jealous of you having access to the Times of India!) What is BASCA?

If you post up the name(s) you're stuck on, we could see if we can find anything you've missed.

23-04-12, 07:20
I can't remember what BASCA stands for exactly but it had photos of some graves, not many and I haven't been on there for ages.

I haven't gotten much out of the Times of India as it is not easy to search but if you have some names Kite let me know and I'll see if they are there. I get access through either the NSW State library or the national library through ProQuest Historical papers, just in case anyone else has access to ProQuest

Thanks Allan I'll talk to her if she doesn't post on here soon.

23-04-12, 07:56
Very kind of you, Toni, thanks. The one I would most like looked up is Lucy Healey or Healy who died 2 Nov 1849 at Fort Thomas Mount, Madras, to see if there is any information about her background or about her husband Luke (he died in 1816 so there won't be an entry for him), please.

23-04-12, 09:57
Sorry Kate, I can't find anything. I even tried her husband.

23-04-12, 10:15
Thanks for looking, Toni.