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Muggins in Sussex
22-04-12, 17:09
Not a geography lesson :d, but I'm all tree'ed out and feel like screaming!!!

I have Sydney Aukland ( sometimes spelled Auckland) born in Warrington in 1898, and marrying Elsie Edna Rathbone in 1922 in Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorks

Yet in 1920 Sydney seems to have gone to Canada to settle and in 1923 he arrives in Detroit

I think I must have gone dreadfully wrong somewhere, and that there are 2 Sydney Auklands born around 1898 - but I just can't see it.

If anyone has time, could they have a look please.

Many thanks

22-04-12, 17:19
He is in the Border Crossings from Canada to US, Mar 1923, born England about 1899, so it looks as though you have it right, Joan.

Margaret in Burton
22-04-12, 17:19
There is a Sydney Auckland born in Ecclesall Bierlow

March qtr 1897 9c 409

Would he not be the more likely to have married Elsie?

22-04-12, 17:30
Oops, sorry, missed the bit about the marriage! Well spotted, Marg!

22-04-12, 17:31
The Detroit one married Winifred Standing in Ontario, Canada, 1923 and he was a bachelor, age 25, born England, parents Ephraim Auckland and Clara Bowcock.

Muggins in Sussex
22-04-12, 17:44
Thank you Marg & Kite - they must be two different people then.

I must also have the 1901 & 1911 census records wrong as I have Ephraim and Clara as his parents :eek:

Thanks again