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18-04-12, 07:57
Class: HO107; Piece 1023; Civil Parish: Burgate; County: Suffolk;Folio: 9; Page: 7

Could someone please tell me what the second last name on the left hand column is? ___ Hines.

The ancestry transcription is Leal, however the T in Thomas a few people up looks like the first letter. I've not heard of Teal as a name though.

18-04-12, 08:01
FMP has it as Jeal, Toni.

If you look it should be a girl's name as the age is entered in the column for females.

Will have another look.

18-04-12, 08:09
Looks like Jeal as the first letter matches the J of John.

18-04-12, 08:10
This is David Hines in 1851 with a wife Elizabeth, aged 27:

1851 Census
HINES, David
HO107 piece 1795 folio 382 page 12

No sign of the other woman/wife. Elijah is still alive.

There is this burial on the NBI:

First name(s): Gillin
Last name: HINES
Date of burial 14 Nov 1841
Age at death: 40
Calculated year of birth: 1801
Place of burial Burgate
Dedication: St Mary
County: Suffolk

I wonder if this is the same person.

18-04-12, 08:15
That's the same person I came up with, Elizabeth. This death reg:

Deaths Dec 1841 (>99%)

HINES Gillese Hartismere 13 287

David married Elizabeth Smith in 1844.

18-04-12, 08:20
It looks likely to be the correct person.

It took me years to twig that an entry on the 1841 census was Isabella and not Isaac!
The name was abbreviated to Isa with a superscript a and the age was in the female column, which I hadn't noticed. So now if I have a query with the 1841 census I always check to see which column the age is in.

18-04-12, 08:32
this looks like them too:

08 Nov 1832 Wortham,? Suffolk,? England
groom's name: David Hines
bride's name: Jael Bobby
marriage date: 08 Nov 1832
marriage place: Wortham, Suffolk, England
groom's marital status: Single
bride's marital status: Single

18-04-12, 08:34
and her age fits:

name: Jael Bobby
gender: Female
baptism/christening date: 19 Mar 1801
baptism/christening place: Wortham, Suffolk, England
father's name: William Bobby
mother's name: Rebecca Wales Bobby
indexing project (batch) number: C02158-5
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 989618

18-04-12, 09:34
Wow you girls were quick. (unlike me who started typing this over an hour ago lol)

Thanks for working everything out.

Mary from Italy
20-04-12, 13:38
Jael would no doubt be the correct spelling (it's a biblical name).

20-04-12, 13:54
Wasn't it Jael who banged a nail through Sisera's head while he slept?

Not the sort of name you'd really want in a wife;)

Mary from Italy
20-04-12, 15:03
That's the one. Who in their right mind would give a child a name like that?

20-04-12, 15:07
That's the one. Who in their right mind would give a child a name like that?

There's someone in my tree named Philadelphia Cheeseman :)

but it was long before Philadelphia cheese was invented