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Tom Tom
17-04-12, 15:31

I wonder if someone could have a look at


on the 1911 census and tell me whether she has anything written in the infirmity column please?

She is aged 40, actually born in 1863 in Durham but image says Dudley) but is an "Inmate" of Wakefield Workhouse in 1911.

Thanks in advance.


17-04-12, 16:07
It says "imbecile - not known"

The "not known" refers to how long she has been afflicted, as some say from a certain age or from birth etc.

Tom Tom
17-04-12, 16:10
Thanks Merry.

She's always interested me.

She died in 1948 in that same workhouse, so looks as though she was in there for 40 years, probably being admitted after her mother died in 1909.

Unfortunately the RO are not very forthcoming with information about any records.

My Nana and Great Uncle, who were 18 and 25 when she died knew absolutely nothing about her though they lived in the same small village.

The family obviously knew about her as her sister in law was present at the death and registered it.

Thanks again.