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13-04-12, 12:03
Sarah Snook is a cousin of an elusive 4th g grandfather, William Trusler. They are in the same household in 1871. She did not marry & I can find her in 1861 and 1871, in Wiltshire as an indoor servant.

I think her mother was a Tubb and I thought I'd found her in 1841 but I cannot now either spot her baptism or find her in the 1841 census.

Can anyone find her please?

13-04-12, 12:38
Isn't Barford St Martin a parish in Oxfordshire? That's what I've been looking for, but I've just looked at the 1871 census and it says born Salisbury??

13-04-12, 12:52
Sorry, I should have said. It is Wiltshire, near Wilton. I can't find her, or anyone like her on FMP.

13-04-12, 12:58
There is a Tubb/Snook marriage, but the sexes are the wrong way round, unless Sarah was born before the marriage.

Groom's Name: John Tubb
Bride's Name: Sarah Snook
Marriage Date: 17 Mar 1808
Marriage Place: Saint Thomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

13-04-12, 13:50
Perhaps I'm going nuts. A John & Susanna Tubb live with a William Trusler in Wilts in 1841.

As I don't have a baptism for William Trusler jnr (b c 1800), I don't know his mother's name.

I found a Sarah Snook right age in Yeovil in 1841, but it looks as if she were actually local.

13-04-12, 14:46
I'm a little confused about what we are looking for!

Most of these places are not on the IGI (I don't like Wiltshire research!!)

13-04-12, 15:13
I suspect that the entire family were nonconformists - hence problems with lack of baptisms. (In addition to it being Wiltshire!) I also don't like the proximity of the Hampshire border.

But I had a notion that I had found Sarah somewhere in 1841 - presumably on Ancestry, as I can't find her on FMP, - and that that had provided additional clues.

13-04-12, 15:43
The only Sarah Snook of about the right age in Wilts on Ancestry 1841 looks to be a married woman (OH Robert) with children, living in Wilsford.

There's another one, surname indexed as Snoots, but she also looks to be married (to Henry) living in Fovant.

So that's no help! :D

13-04-12, 16:02
Thanks for looking, Merry!

I think I must have reckoned she was probably a sister to George Snook, also b Barford St Martin, but I can't find anything useful online about him, either. I'll have to dig out my paper notes & see what they say.