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13-04-12, 05:00
I was having another look for my 4xg grandmother, for the TO4GG - but I am stumped as I ever was.

My 3-g grandmother was Sophia LINN who married Benjamin BISHOP in 1819. She has a sister Susan LINN who married in 1820.

Both of them I traced easily through the census and freebmd records.

But I cannot find any suitable baptisms for them.

Both said they were born in Brighton Sussex between 1796 and 1800.

There is a Sophia LINN baptised in 1794 in Brighton, but this age does not correlate well to the birth of her last child in 1841 - I guess she could have been 47, or the ages she gave in the census - 1841 (40), 1851 (49) and 1871 (70) (1861 census missing for her home street).

There is a Susan LINN baptised in 1807, but unless her baptism was very delayed, she was not old enough to marry in 1820. Her census records give her age as 40 (1841) and 55 in 1851. She died abt 1857 (childless I think) and her husband Henry Williams remarried, but in 1861 Ellen Eliza Webber (niece) is staying with him. Ellen is the grand-daughter of Sophia LINN (daughter of Sophia Lee BISHOP)

Can anyone help with ideas as to where to find their baptisms, and their parents names ?

13-04-12, 05:36
There's this one on the IGI

Sarah Lynn
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth: 13 Jan 1801
christening: 07 Feb 1802 St Nicholas',? Brighton,? Sussex,? England
Noble and Ann

13-04-12, 07:52
I think I have a theory...

25 Sep 1804 widowed Sophia LYNN married William CHATHAM by licence at Brighton, (St Nicholas?) both of this parish.

Some years previously, on 28 Sep 1786 Nicholas LINN married Sophia LEE at Brighton by banns, botp...and you have Lee as a middle name for Sophia Lee Bishop.

The only baptism I can find for a child with Nicholas & Sophia as parents is for Mary Ann Linn born 25 Jan 1802 bapt 28 Feb 1802 at St Nicholas, Brighton.

(Mary Ann Linn married George Thwaites 14 Sep 1829 at Brighton)

Today I will be researching in Worthing Library for the first time in ages, I will try to look at St Nicholas's microfiches for baptisms.

13-04-12, 10:29
Hi Jill

Thank you that would be great.

I did lean towards Nicholas Linn and Sophia Lee being Sophia's parents, and therefore Susan's as well, but have nothing other than the name Sophia Lee to go on. I will look further at Noble and Ann, also I have a Charles and Sophia Linn pencilled in too, but their daughter was baptised in 1794.

I will look in the IGI for more on Nicholas and Noble.


Maybe they did not baptise their daughters ?

13-04-12, 14:40
I'm sorry, I wasn't able to check the baptisms for St Nicholas at the library, they only have West Sussex records and I forgot that Brighton is East Sussex.

13-04-12, 21:39
Thanks anyway Jill, the mystery will wait for another day I am sure.

I did check the IGI some more -

Nicholas Lynn might have been baptised in Preston (East Preston?) a few miles along the coast. Cannot find anything in Sussex for Sophia Lee, and only a couple in London about the right time.

Now, Noble Linn is from an old Brighton family - I have his lineage from his great grandparents Richard and Ann. Noble was his mothers maiden name and he married three times, the last to Ann Barden in 1794. He also had an uncle called Masters Linn. He had a daughter in his second marriage, Susan, but baptised in 1776.

There is nothing for Charles Lynn - baptism or marriage to Sarah, anywhere.

This leaves my Brighton ancestry at a brickwall - no baptisms match census ages in 1841, even allowing for 5 years rounding, for Benjamin Bishop, Sophia nee Linn, William Martin and Elizabeth nee Berwick.

All supposedly born between 1796 and 1816, both Benjamin and William died before the 1851 census, so nothing to give better indication of birthplace and the ladies always gave Brighton (Elizabeth died or remarried before 1861, Sophia in 1873).


14-04-12, 10:15
Preston is the next parish north of Brighton, and is now a suburb of the city, so would fit nicely with living in Brighton if you ever connect Nicholas to your family.


15-04-12, 11:57
Cannot find anything on Sophia or Susanna, but I am chasing up their descendents - some lived in East Preston, some moved to Newport Monmouthshire and some to the USA.

But still nothing on their parents.