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09-04-12, 22:14
I've found an entry in Findmypast's new Maritime Deaths for a W B Bristowe of the Andromache, official ship no 35523, registered in London, "supposed lost - vessel last heard of 8 June 1859".

I have in my tree a William Browning Bristow, born 11 Aug 1837 in Horsleydown, London / Surrey, parents Robert James and Ann Jane, and I'm trying to find anything to help determine whether W B Bristowe is him. Any help much appreciated!

William Browning Bristow is on the 1851 census as a pupil at the Palace School, Enfield, Middlesex, and I haven't found any trace of him after that. Three of his older brothers were sailors who ended up as Masters of ships (and two of them died at sea), so it wouldn't be a surprise if he was a sailor too.

09-04-12, 22:49
I've found a record in the FMP Merchant Navy Seamen database, series BT116, which is indexed as William Bristow but on the image it says William B Bristow, showing a voyage out 20th April 1855 on the Kenilworth, registered London, with a letter A. Does anyone know whether this meand Apprentice? It says in the "Remarks" column, A London 9/4/55. Unfortunately no place of birth is shown. Anyone think this is likely to be my William?

10-04-12, 07:43
Well, the death doesn't belong to shipwright Wm Barnabus Bristow who lived in Poplar. I can't find a death for him, but he lived well past 1859.

Some of the other people on the Andromache have a death notice in the paper as late as 1861, but nothing for Bristow(e) as far as I could see.

10-04-12, 12:07
Thanks for looking, Merry. I think I'll assume it's him unless something turns up to prove it isn't.

10-04-12, 12:46
Yes, I agree.

Did you see he had £18 worth of belongings?

10-04-12, 13:07
Yes, I did, thanks. £18 11s.