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Rosie Knees
09-04-12, 13:27
Sarah Patchett

b 1808 Hough on the Hill Lincs

m 15/05/1832 William Clayton (d 26/08/1849 Wilsford)

in 1871 she is living Wilsford with daughter Thirza (b c 1846)

I can't find Sarah in 1881 and can't find a death for her between 71 and 81.

In 81 I've just found Thirza in the workhouse in New Sleaford with 3 children.

Any help welcome.

Rosie Knees
09-04-12, 13:32
naughty Thirza was calling herself widow in 1891. Happily she was out of the workhouse though.

09-04-12, 13:35
Are all those places in Lincs?

Rosie Knees
09-04-12, 14:21
yes Merry, sorry :)

Breckland Jane
09-04-12, 14:38
Maybe this one:

Name: CLAYTON, Sarah

Registration district: Sleaford

County: Lincolnshire

Year of registration: 1880

Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar

Age at death:71

Volume no: 7A

Page no: 307

Rosie Knees
09-04-12, 14:44
Thanks Jane, that fits nicely. Wonder why it's not coming up when I search 71-81 in Lincolnshire :confused:

09-04-12, 16:56
It's been mistranscribed as Samuel on FreeBMD / ancestry - I've sent in a correction (and for the previous entry as well).

Rosie Knees
10-04-12, 10:46
thanks for that Kate. Looks like someone got carried away with their Samuels lol