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09-04-12, 08:17
I've seen somewhere that shows the different variations of a name and I can't for the life of me remember where.

Iirc when you put in a name it has a drop down list of different spellings/variations to try as well.

Can anyone help please?

Punchs Mum
09-04-12, 09:19
Didn't GR used to do that? I have also seen it somewhere and GR comes to mind.

Maybe someone can put us right!


09-04-12, 10:45
Thanks Lesley

Yes it did have the name variations and gave the ones I couldn't remember.

Thanks you.

Chris in Sussex
09-04-12, 10:48
Another one...

Britsh Origins


Enter surname in 'Last Name' box with 'Close Variants' selected from the drop down box and then hit 'Search'.

On next page...
Hit 'Close Variants' (next to your selected surname in blue type) and a pop up box appears with the variants.


09-04-12, 11:46
Thanks Chris - that's given me a few more different variations.

Years ago a contact said that some twigs had changed their name but I couldn't remember what to - then another contact I mentioned it to hadn't realised but I was unable to furnish the twig's name. In fact the name doesn't appear on the Origins List but does in the GR list - but it's given me more options to look at.

Thanks both.