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08-04-12, 15:01
If you are doing a One-Name Study, how far away from the original name is it reasonable (or unreasonable!) to go when researching.

For example, if you One-Naming Smith (as if!! :d) and Mary Smith marries Tom Jones, you would presumably add all the immediate "Jones" children, but would you go further, and add Jones grandchildren, great grandchildren etc.?

I'm not sure what the protocol is, or if there is one at all.

Olde Crone
08-04-12, 15:27
It depends if you are doing a GOONS ONS or your own.

I am doing my own and far from being a one name study, it has developed into about a thousand name study, lol, as I go as far as I can sideways etc.

If you do a GOONS study, then it really is just the one surname and you are not obliged to expand into marriages etc, although most usually at least put the marriage details in.


08-04-12, 15:30
Wot OC said :)

08-04-12, 16:29
Ok, thanks, it's what I suspected (and hoped!)
I'll just expand one generation then!