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03-04-12, 08:18
As some of you know my dad is on his last legs. However todays little job for the family has been thrown over to me as my siblings all run a mile if they have to do any FH research..

I need to sort this by tomorrow night if possible or I won't hear the ed of it....and actually i have no idea where to start.

All Dad wants to know is if his Uncle George has a proper headstone.....

What I know....

George Ernest Evans born 1891 Kerry Ireland. He's on the Irish 1901 census at Langford, Killorglin, Kerry with all his family aged 10.

Can't find him in 1911.

Dad reckons he went to Canada. He's sure he was in the military (Army I think) but whether he was serving before he went in an Irish military or whether he went to Canada and joined there is anyone's guess...

Where do I start?

I can't seem to work out where Canada BMDs are.....

03-04-12, 08:24
Found one suspect on the Canadian War Memorial died 1918 buried Bourlin Wood Cemetery. He's born 1894 but could be him.

03-04-12, 08:32
I can't seem to work out where Canada BMDs are.....

I think it depends which province or territory you want. Some have a lot of BMDs online and others not so many. I would try ancestry and FamilySearch though.

03-04-12, 08:37
The one whose death you found has dob listed as 17 Feb 1894, so you could find out whether your George was born 17 Feb, even if the year is wrong?

03-04-12, 08:41
Looks like you can order a copy of that soldier's military records from the Canadian National Archives, and hopefully there will be some info to help you work out whether it is the right person:


If you get an error message trying to access a page on that site, try again - it should load eventually.

03-04-12, 08:49
On Ancestry there's 2 George Evans in public family trees b1888 in Kerry who moved to the US in 1912.

Looked on Canadian soldiers in WW1 and saw one born in Ireland but in Fermanagh (I think) but not Kerry.

Wonder whether he joined the British Army but there's so many George Evans in the Service records.

Will have a look on passenger lists

03-04-12, 08:49
Thanks Kite.

I'll see how long it takes to get them. Dad would like them I'm sure.

03-04-12, 08:51
Thanks Julie......

No idea why this is suddenly the most important thing in the world....but we are trying to humuor him. Trouble is that he wants to know ASAP and I'm leaving to visit him in the morning and it's 300kms so can't do much searching while in the car...lol

03-04-12, 08:55
The tree on Ancestry with George Ernest Knightly Evans is him. I'll check that one out.

03-04-12, 08:58
Sorted thanks.......I've done this before.

Why did it all look familiar??? lol

The way i'm going I'll need the undertaker before Dad.....

Thanks anyway.

03-04-12, 12:56
Lib, take it easy friend... You need to relax please. Good luck Thurs.
Tell Laurie to check the Gap before you return. Make sure there are no accidents.. Last year a caravan jacknifed, traffic took hours to clear... So it might be quicker through Toowoomba if there are problems. Julie

03-04-12, 19:58
Thanks Julie......

04-04-12, 03:29
Just checking you have answered your own question haven't you Libby?

04-04-12, 06:53
Thanks Toni...yes I have but now we have another.

I will possible put up a new thread when i get home tomorrow.

Dad is now saying if his uncle George Ernest Knighlty EVANS died in France 1916 ( which he did) then which of dad's father's brothers went to Canada and is buried there???

As I'm on dad's rickety old computer, i cannot sit here waiting for Ancestry or FMP to load, I'll wait till tomorrow.

I have the list of kids from the 1901 and 1911 Irish census and can knock out a few boys but there are still some I can't sort so maybe one of those.......another day....lol