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Rachel A
02-04-12, 15:01
I've been thinking of going up to the LMA to look at the records of Southwark workhouse, but now see that these are available online on Ancestry (although have to be searched manually).

This is a big ask, but can someone look for my great x3 grandmother please?

Her name is Harriet Cousins. She was born in Kettleburgh, Suffolk, in 1818. Last 'seen' at 6 St Margaret's Court, off Borough High Street, Southwark, on the 1861 census. I think I've found her husband's death at Guy's Hospital on 20th December 1865. I can't find her (or her daughter, my great x2 grandmother, Hannah Cousins, born 1853, Salford, Manchester) on the 1871 census. I did find the youngest child living with neighbours described as a nursechild though. Can't find her on subsequent censuses or a likely looking death.

I've been baffled with this one for years :confused: I've been thinking, what would happen to a widow with no income? The likeliest is going to be the workhouse, and I see that there was one down the road in Mint Street, Southwark (St George the Martyr parish) which would appear to be the most likely one. http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Southwark/

I'd be really grateful if a kind person would look this up for me please. If I go to the LMA this week, I'm going to have the children (with their low boredom threshold) in tow :o

Many thanks :)

02-04-12, 15:12
Rachel, you've probably seen this one on the 1871 census and the year of birth is 10 years out. However, I'm posting it just for the record:

1871 Census
MARYLEBONE, London, Middlesex
RG10 piece 176 folio 16 page 23

She is a servant born in Suffolk.

I'll keep looking.

Rachel A
02-04-12, 15:17
OMG... I've searched and searched on Ancestry when I was a subscriber and never found her!!!!!!

Hold on a mo... just sending you a pm... :)

02-04-12, 15:22
Got your pm, Rachel. I'll be in touch.

I hope it's her - I'm not sure.

02-04-12, 15:33
Person: COUSINS, Hariet
Address: Dorset Sq, Marylebone, London

DICK, Bernard Head M 54 1817 Germany
DICK, Catherine Wife F 47 1824 Suffolk
DICK, Henery Son M 17 1854 Middlesex
DICK, Rosa Daughter F 12 1859 Middlesex
DICK, Beatrice Daughter F 7 1864 Middlesex
MANLOVE, Bernard Son M 5 1866 Kent
MANLOVE, Edwin Servant M 27 1844 Hertfordshire
AYLING, Jane Servant F 33 1838 Berkshire
COUSINS, Hariet Servant F 43 1828 Suffolk
MADLE, Mary Ann Servant F 23 1848 Essex

Here is the transcription. I do hope it's her, Rachel.

02-04-12, 15:39
I did find the youngest child living with neighbours described as a nursechild though. Can't find her on subsequent censuses or a likely looking death.

Is the youngest child Louisa? She is on the 1881 census as a sister of Alice Sophia Allen (married to Joseph Allen) who was born in Salford. (Well, I'm guessing really, but you did mention Salford!!)

Rachel A
02-04-12, 15:43
Yes that's her, Merry. I think it was you who found her for me a few years back! :d

Rachel A
02-04-12, 15:46
Thanks Elizabeth :)

I can't quite read the place of birth... is that Bures Hibury? If it's Bures, then that's miles away from Kettleburgh :confused:

Sorry to be a pain, but is this Harriet on previous census returns?

Many thanks for your help :)

Rachel A
02-04-12, 15:48
Just seen as well, that she's listed as unmarried, when she was a widow, but then she could have been lying (along with her age) :confused:

02-04-12, 15:53
Rachel, I really didn't think it was her but I posted it because of the Suffolk birthplace.

Do you think she remarried?

Rachel A
02-04-12, 16:10
I really don't know :o She's been a brickwall, since I started this hobby 7 years ago :o

Did you have any joy with the poor law records?

Rachel A
02-04-12, 16:12
Also, I've thought that if she remarried, Louisa should be living with her in 1871 and not be a nurse child. Although I realise that's not enough to discount the possibility.

Mary from Italy
02-04-12, 16:32
It looks as though there's hardly anything in the Poor Law records on Ancestry for the area and period you want.

If you go to this link:


you can browse the collection (right-hand side of page); you won't be able to view the actual images, but you will be able to see which records they have and the period they cover.

02-04-12, 16:36
Rachel, just to say I don't have Ancestry so I'm unable to help there.

Rachel A
02-04-12, 18:58
Thanks Mary. Ah, I didn't see that earlier :o Not a lot then. And it looks like I need to visit...

Thanks for your help, Elizabeth :) Did you find this Harriet on previous censuses? If anything to eliminate her.

Anyone know how child-friendly the LMA is please? Do they have a reading room like the National Archives, where you need a reader's ticket to access. I have a CARN(?) from a county archive - can I use this? But what about the children, are they allowed in the reading room? If I don't manage to visit this week (we're away next week), I'll probably try during the children's next holiday :)

04-04-12, 13:22
If it's on microfilm, then you'll be okay.

You need LMA's own ticket (check website for proofs of identity) if you want photocopies of docs.

If it's originals you need to look at, then unless the children are old enough to amuse themselves quietly, taking them would be hell on earth. You would be in a glass cube and they would be outside, in an openplan space where a whisper can be heard from one end of the room to the other.

Rachel A
04-04-12, 14:45
Thanks Phoenix :) I don't think my children know what quiet is! :o I think I'll wait to their next holiday, on my hubby's day off. He's off tomorrow, but I think I'd better go food shopping instead, before the madness starts before Easter.