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30-03-12, 16:18
I have this page from the London Gazette:


I should know how to do this, but my mind is a blank!
How do I find the date and year. I think I have found a brother to one of my White ancestors.

30-03-12, 16:34
This might help - it's the result that Google threw up:

Second Notice. , .. Third Notice. First Notice. Second Notice.
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Thomas Barber, formerly of St. Mary Newington, late of St. Mary Lambeth, both in Suiry, Joiner ... James- 'White,- formerly and hte of Guildford in Surry,. Cooper.

30-03-12, 16:50
Seems to be 15 June 1776. I just put an unusual name (Jeremiah Fowle) from that page into the "With the exact phrase" box on the London Gazette site.

30-03-12, 17:01
Many thanks, Ann. That helps a lot.