View Full Version : Stepson/Son in Law?

Sue at the seaside
20-03-12, 16:11
In the 1860s were these terms interchangeable?

I've found a likely family, but the man I think should be a Son in law is listed as a Stepson!:confused:

Anstey Nomad
20-03-12, 16:14
In my experience yes they are Sue, although I have mostly seen a stepson listed as a son-in-law, if that makes sense.


Sue at the seaside
20-03-12, 16:31
I may be looking at this all wrong, perhaps he his a stepson. Off to get my head round it! thanks AN

20-03-12, 18:28
I agree with AN :)

Sue at the seaside
20-03-12, 19:29
Having reviewed this, I don't think he could be SIL, I may be coming back to this and asking for help.