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19-03-12, 13:59
I've just had a bit of a breakthrough in my tree - finally found a baptism for my 5xg-grandmother Est(h)er Mason on FreeREG - 19th Aug 1733 at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, parents James and Elizabeth. I've checked the PR image on FamilySearch and those are the right names. But can anyone find a marriage for James and Elizabeth, or any other children for them, please? I found some children whose parents were James and Rebecca in 1728 - 1730 but I don't know whether that's the same James. I'm getting nowhere much!

19-03-12, 14:02
So far I have only found this one, which is the wrong spouse:

Supplied Surname:RISEBOROUGH
Full First name:Rebecca
Supplied First Name:Reb
Spouse Surname:MASON
Spouse Full First name:James
Spouse First Name:Jas
Record source:Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840

19-03-12, 14:09
Yes, I've been looking at that one willing it to be right, Elizabeth!

19-03-12, 14:19
And there is a James Maison marrying a Mary Dowson in 1732, which isn't the right couple either.

19-03-12, 18:32
Plus there's a couple called John and Elizabeth Mason having children at the right time - they have a Joseph 25 Oct 1719 (if he is in the same family), Simon 20 Nov 1726, John 4 Apr 1729, Alice 27 Sep 1730, Sarah 4 Jan 1735, John 17 Jan 1739 and Hannah 18 Apr 1742, so there's a gap that Esther would fit nicely into if only her father's name was John!

20-03-12, 12:16
Yarmouth is one of those places where strays turn up. I have a marriage in a similar period where the husband appears otherwise to spend his entire life in Cley (a mere boat journey away)

I suspect you have to widen your search to include Suffolk & Lincolnshire at the very least to find the marriage. I've also found Norfolk people marrying in Greenwich.

Did Esther end her days in Yarmouth, or move a bit more?

20-03-12, 12:26
She died in London under the name Hester Salter, if I have the right death. Buried 10 Dec 1805 at St John Horsleydown (London / Surrey) age given as 74. She married Farrow Salter 21 Sep 1751 at Great Yarmouth and he gives her age as 59 on his Trinity House petition from 1790 (when they were still in Great Yarmouth). Farrow died in 1797. My 4xg-grandfather Thomas Salter, who I'm sure was their son but don't have a baptism for (it's a very long story), probably moved to Horsleydown between 1785, when a son of his was baptised in Great Yarmouth, and 1801, when another of his sons got married in Horsleydown.