View Full Version : Ancestry problems?

Just Gillian
12-03-12, 20:10
I've been getting the following message when I try to open London baptism images, and also 1861 census images for the last half hour or so tonight:

"Database id or database name specified incorrectly or the database is no longer valid."

It seems to have sorted itself again now but it did the same thing for about half an hour last night.

Is anyone else getting this intermittent problem, otherwise I can only think it's something to do with my computer?

12-03-12, 20:54
Yes, I got that earlier three or four times (probably late this morning?) and yesterday or the day before a couple of times. None before that. as far as I remember.

Just Gillian
12-03-12, 21:10
Thanks Merry. I guess it must just be a "boy with noose" variation then. Good to know I don't have to start lookinbg for the cause in my computer anyway.

Mary from Italy
12-03-12, 21:49
Yes, I've been getting the same message at intervals all day.

13-03-12, 06:45
I've had it on and off for several days - there've been apologies about it on the Ancestry Facebook page.

13-03-12, 08:21
Yes I've had it quite a few times over the last few days when I try to view an image.

Chris in Sussex
13-03-12, 09:35
Me too.....Sometimes hitting 'refresh' works.


Just Gillian
13-03-12, 23:08
Thanks everyone. Haven't had time to use Ancestry today so hopefully it will be sorted by the next time I get on there.

Sue from Southend
14-03-12, 07:45
I thought my cookies needed clearing! Glad it's not just me....

Sunny Kate
14-03-12, 08:23
I haven't been able to access ancestry.com.au for a couple of days even after clearing the cache and cookies however I just managed to get in by putting it into Google.