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Sue from Southend
11-03-12, 16:06
I was just about to post on TO4GG when I noticed an anomaly which I think may be a big boo boo!

Robert Wheeler was born in 1807, St Leonards Shoreditch to John and Mary. He is the eldest child that I can find and they went on to have 8 more children up to 1823. I originally found a marriage for a John Wheeler and Mary Bailey in St Leonards in 1798 on IGI and went with that. http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1623&iid=31281_A101781-00094&fn=John&ln=Wheeler&st=d&ssrc=&pid=1125739
However as I was putting the details together I realised that there was a nine year gap between marriage and first child. Of course several children could have died but now another possible marriage has come to light - John Wheeler (bachelor) to Mary Sanders (widow) 13 Nov 1806, @ St John, Hackney.http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1623&iid=31280_195159-00080&fn=John&ln=Wheeler&st=d&ssrc=&pid=2507387

I've been playing about trying to work out which one is right but haven't found anything helpful. Has anyone got any bright ideas where to look next?

Both John and Robert were weavers.

Thanks for reading!

11-03-12, 17:43
Timings-wise the 1806 marriage looks more likely, but it's going to be difficult to prove.

Are there any clues in the children's names?

Sue from Southend
11-03-12, 19:00
The children's names are Robert, Henry John (x2), Samuel Charles (x2), Charles John, Mary Ann, Caroline and John Samuel.

If they were following a naming pattern would that make John's father a Robert?

It's further complicated by the fact that Mary Sanders of the 1806 marriage is a widow so I don't know her maiden name or of course her father.

11-03-12, 19:21
The children's names are Robert, Henry John (x2), Samuel Charles (x2), Charles John, Mary Ann, Caroline and John Samuel.

If they were following a naming pattern would that make John's father a Robert?

It would if Robert is John's eldest son, but if there are some missing children before him, he might not be.

Sue from Southend
12-03-12, 13:14
I think it's academic as I can't find a John with a father named Robert, in the right area, anyway!

There is a Robert Wheeler, born to a Charles (a name that features a lot amongst John's children) and Mary in the right time frame but they don't seem to have had a John :(

12-03-12, 20:10
Sue I have wheelers but sorry not from St Leonards
All from Stanstead, Suffolk

Sue from Southend
13-03-12, 08:52
Thanks Babs - it's possible that my Wheelers moved to London from elsewhere in the 1700s. If I ever find a link to Suffolk I'll think of you!

Sue from Southend
29-09-18, 15:10
I've been looking at these two again and would like an opinion or two on a couple of signatures.

This is the marriage of John Wheeler and Mary Sanders in 1806
https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/1623/31280_195159-00080/2507387?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk %2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3f_phsrc%3daXa3323%26_phstart%3dsucc essSource%26usePUBJs%3dtrue%26db%3dlmamarriages%26 gsfn%3djohn%26gsln%3dwheeler%26cp%3d0%26mssng%3dma ry%26msgdy%3d1806%26msgdy_x%3d1%26msgdp%3d2%26new% 3d1%26redir%3dfalse%26uidh%3dzs8%26gss%3dangs-d%26fh%3d0%26fsk%3d%26bsk%3d%26rank%3d1%26pgoff%3d&backlabel=ReturnSearchResults

and this is the marriage of William Sanders and Mary Huddlestone in 1803 (last entry on right hand page)
https://www.ancestry.co.uk/interactive/1623/31280_195158-00517?pid=5080033&backurl=https://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?viewrecord%3D1%26r%3D5538%26db%3DLMAmarria ges%26indiv%3Dtry%26h%3D5080033&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&usePUBJs=true

Am I imagining things or do the two Marys look the same?

29-09-18, 16:02
Yes, they look pretty similar to me.

29-09-18, 16:04
The Ms and the ds look the same. Both signatures creep up the page, though that may be the angle the book was placed.

Can you find William's death?

Sue from Southend
29-09-18, 18:01
Thank you Kite and Phoenix. It was the y on Mary that sold it for me - they both have a diagonal mark across the tail...

There is a William Sanders buried in Spitalfields in 1805 which might be Mary's first husband but I'm not finding any children that I can say definitely belong to them. Nor can I find a baptism for Mary Huddlestone!