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Sussex Maid
11-03-12, 12:08
Is anyone able to help with a translation of two documents written in Latin please

‘Johem Halseter, dated 4 Aug 1690’
‘Johannem Halseter, dated 4 Aug 1690’

They are in the England Wills and Probate collection but they don’t actually look like wills. One of them looks to mention Ann Halseter – there are two documents relating to her, which I have, and fortunately they are in English.

Any help greatly appreciated

11-03-12, 13:58
I think the second one is the bond where the executors / administrators agree to produce an inventory of the deceased's estate by a certain date or pay a fine. But I can't see where it says the name of the deceased.

Know ye all by these presents that we John Halseter pree? of Epping in the county of Essex pharmacist and John Hill pree? ??? Vedasti alias Fosters London haberdasher and Benjamin Waterman pree? ????????? Aldersgate Lond ??? surgeon ..... bound to the Reverend Henry ???? London blah blah English money

11-03-12, 14:05
And I think the first one is saying that John Halseter senior died intestate and Ann(a) was left as his widow.

Mary from Italy
11-03-12, 14:58
Yes, the second one has the standard wording for a bond.

"St. Vedast alias Fosters" is the name of a church and parish in London.

Benjamin Waterman is from St. Anne and St. Agnes, Aldersgate.

What you've transcribed as "pree" seems to be an abbreviated word because there's a line over the top. Possibly "prae(sent)e" (present)? Not seen it before, though.

Sussex Maid
11-03-12, 16:18
KiteRunner and Mary - thank you both for your help.
I have a copy of the inventory that the Bond refers to - it was taken on 30 July 1690 for 'John Halseter late of Little Laver, Clerke, Deceased', Intestate'.
As he died without making a will, I can understand why his son John Halseter jnr was named as one of the Administrators but would the other two named in the Bond have been family members as well or would they have been appointed by someone?