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Rosie Knees
05-03-12, 12:34
I'm a bit rusty at research!

I'm looking for John William Henry Norman in the service records on Ancestry. He died on 19/06/1917 and is on the Arras memorial: http://www.cwgc.org/search-for-war-dead/casualty/779686/NORMAN,%20JOHN%20WILLIAM

I've trawled through some of the service records but can't seem to find him; are they all listed now?

05-03-12, 13:04
Hi Rosie!

Less than 50% of WW1 service records survive. I found his medal card using the service number from his death entry and this gave me another service number for him, but neither of those numbers revealed an army record, so sadly his may have been one of those that was destroyed in WW2.

Rosie Knees
06-03-12, 08:49
thanks Merry, that's a shame. He's the only person so far that I've found who was in WWI. Can you point me in the direction of his medal card? I've never seen that.

06-03-12, 09:04
Medal Card:


Death Citation:


Rosie Knees
06-03-12, 09:23
thanks so much Merry, I'd not seen those.

This was OH's dad's cousin and the boys were brought up together by their granny. I like to think that OH was named after this chap. We are lucky enough to have a picture of him in uniform :)

06-03-12, 09:28
That's nice Rosie. :)