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03-03-12, 16:34
Are all divorces searchable on the National Archives site before WWII? I have this delightfully colourful relation who should appear there and I can't find her. She married her first husband in 1912 and lived with another chap in the 1920s before cohabiting with her cousin. She finally married the cousin in 1938 but I've found her husband's death in 1943 so there should be a divorce somewhere.

03-03-12, 16:49
If you download this PDF it will give you the information about what they hold; the short answer is no (see page 2 of the PDF for details).

PDF link (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/ifa_l3_divorce_post1858.pdf)

03-03-12, 16:57
Thanks for that - so there probably was a divorce but it's not findable:-)

Mary from Italy
03-03-12, 20:19
You may find the divorce listed in the Times.

03-03-12, 20:50
My lot are very working class, Mary - are they likely to be there?

Mary from Italy
03-03-12, 21:23
If they were actually divorced, I think so, because I think the paper would have printed information obtained directly from the courts, not from the parties themselves. If you don't have access to the Times, let me know the names, and I'll check for you.

04-03-12, 06:16
Thanks Mary, I'll send you a message.