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Muggins in Sussex
03-03-12, 14:28
In 1911 John and Catherine/Kate are living in Nantwich with their 4 children

(RG14 Piece 21765)

Only the youngest child, John, has the middle name Griffiths, which was Catherine/Kate's maiden name, so far as I can tell.

I don't really want to send for the cert - but can I just assume that John GW was the son of Catherine/Kate and John senior -or could there be some other reason why he alone has the middle name of Griffiths?


03-03-12, 15:43
They say they have 4 children, and there are 4 there, so yes, I would assume he is their son. It could be they gave him the middle name because he was the only boy, or because the name John was so common so they wanted to give him a more distinctive name?
Or it could be that he is named after his grandfather John Griffiths? There's a likely Griffith family on the 1861 where the father's name is John - piece 2615, folio 109, pages 7 and 8.

Muggins in Sussex
04-03-12, 04:21
Thanks for that, Kite

I hadn't noticed that they said they had 4 children :o - in fact they had two older sons, Wilfred and Fredrick who had already left home in 1891.

But he could well be named after his Grandfather, and I'm probably just looking for difficulties where none exist!