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Muggins in Sussex
03-03-12, 09:02
Probably being very dim, but in this census record http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=2352&iid=RG14_34980_0578_35&fn=Wilfrid+John&ln=Woolrich&st=r&ssrc=&pid=36056127
(RG14; Piece: 34980; ; Page: 2.)

are the men actually in India at the time? So far as I can tell they are in the Punjab. Presumably the census records would then be based on records before they were sent to India, and not on the night of the cnsus


Janet in Yorkshire
03-03-12, 09:10
Yes, they were in barracks in Deesa, India


Muggins in Sussex
03-03-12, 09:25
Thanks Janet :)

03-03-12, 10:02
If you browse back through the pages from that one, you get to the instructions for filling it in and the cover page of the book.

Muggins in Sussex
03-03-12, 10:57
Thanks Kite :)

I'll have a look