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01-03-12, 18:57
This is my step-dad's tree..

I have birth places as....

Llanwenarth, Llanethly, Tradegan. They all say Monmouthshire.

I can't find Llanethly, but found a Llanelli. Mine has a 'y' at the end so not sure.
It 'should' be in Abergavenny district.

Also can't find Tradegan.

I've tried Google. Anyone know of a better map?

The dates are between 1810 and 1840.


01-03-12, 19:07
Llanethly would be more or less the English version of the spelling and Llanelli the Welsh version. All Welsh place-names have at least 2 versions, the Welsh one and the English one, and then lots of them have other variations. And of course there are mis-spellings too. Tradegan looks as though it should be Tredegar.

01-03-12, 19:10
Thank you....

01-03-12, 20:02
My first foray into Wales...


*ties on a piece of string*

Don't know if this helps?


Uncle John
01-03-12, 20:06
The anglicised spelling of Llanelli is the same but ending with a Y. The spelling you've found (Llanethly) is phonetic (sort of) but never appeared on a map.

anne fraser
01-03-12, 20:48
Can we look forward to Jones and Davies as a change to Ariel.

01-03-12, 21:44
No Anne...no yet......

Lewis is the surname.......lol

anne fraser
01-03-12, 22:14
I have awful memories of a school trip to Tredegar. It was when they were closing the coalmines and we were supposed to ask people if they were unemployed. Then it was a few narrow streets with dirty sheep and slag heaps on the hills It is St. David's day so we Croeso i Cymru.

01-03-12, 23:04
Doesn't sound like much fun Anne.

I see the Monmouthshire records aren't on FMP yet so may have to wait a bit longer. I only have two births bewteen 1837 and the family coming here.
The eldest child was illegitimate and the second was after his mother married someone from England....so not sure it's worth forking out for them yet.

The shipping details give me place of birth, ages and parents names of the family and I've found the little fellow I'm following in 1841.

Uncle John
02-03-12, 07:58
ISTR that Monmouthshire was in England until relatively recently (in genealogy terms).

02-03-12, 08:17
Blimey UJ...can't you lot keep your places in their right places....lol

I've chased Bristol around counties for ages.......including the county of Bristol..

Hawkshead was Lancashire. Now it's Cumbria.

I think maybe you need some wire and run fences...lol

02-03-12, 09:00
lol Libby. I went to Loch Ness when I was up over and the visitor centre had a theory that many years ago that Australia was up over before it went travelling so anything is possible there and I don't know that a fence will help. :rolleyes: