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29-02-12, 05:18
Jno Lee (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=2256&iid=32355_249693-00761&fn=Eliz&ln=Priestley&st=d&ssrc=&pid=21041920)

On 28 Jan 1742 Jno Lee marries Eliz Priestly. After Jonathan's name is a word that I can't read. Can anyone else read it? The smudge is, of course, on the part that I want.

29-02-12, 06:20
Toni...that link only takes me to the sign up page.

Is it the marriage details?

29-02-12, 06:23
Can't find an image for the marriage.

29-02-12, 06:33
Sorry Toni......was looking at Yorkshire instead of West Yorkshire...lol

I can't see...it is really too dark. If someone could lighten the image maybe?

29-02-12, 08:22
Not much better. I can't read it. :(

29-02-12, 08:27
Other entries on the page suggest the difficult bit will either be his parish of residence or his occupation. Do you know his occ?

29-02-12, 08:34
Thanks for looking everyone.

I don't know if this man is mine, I'm just looking at those in the right time frame and seeing if they fit, which is why I started a new thread to read this. It would help if the wife featured in the records after the marriage.

29-02-12, 08:50
It might say Jnr (or Snr!)

29-02-12, 08:57
lol Kate. I thought the last letter might be r.

I wondered Combr only as someone else had that. I can't read it at all.