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28-02-12, 23:54
to beat Libby and her Ariel's. Sorry folks. ;)

My question is, hopefully, quite simple.

I'm looking at some baptisms. If Mara is the daughter of John Jr, that means her grandfather is also John, doesn't it?

29-02-12, 00:50
It should Toni. Want me to have a look? I'll need more than John though....lol

29-02-12, 01:12
You're welcome to look Libby.

It's the ancestry west yorkshire records pre 1812. Mara Lee daughter of Jno Lee in Bradford in 1746 and Jno is probably Jonathan.

29-02-12, 01:14
I might have to go and come back later. J is waking up.

29-02-12, 07:05
It's written as Mar:a with the a being "superscript" i.e. smaller and above the other letters, so it's an abbreviation for Maria. Jno is usually short for John, and yes, as he is Jno jr, his father should also be John.

29-02-12, 10:08
Does anyone know what a Pish is? It is written on a marriage record as the occupation of the man. It also states the place he comes from, so it is not an abbreviation of a place name.

29-02-12, 10:18
It's Parish - there was a special way of writing the letter P with a line through the tail which was a symbol for "Par".

29-02-12, 10:23
Thanks Kate and people say to google everything. Google had no idea. I knew someone here would know.