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25-02-12, 18:24
Does anyone know if there are more of these records to come? (I'm thinking pre-1860 here)

I have a complete list of my g-grandfather's ships from 1840-1859, given to me by a contact who got them from the National Maritime Museum, but his records on FMP only cover 1853 - 1857, in much less detail.

I find the whole merchant navy records thing very confusing :o

25-02-12, 18:32
Was he a captain, by any chance, Lindsay?

25-02-12, 18:34
No, he started as an apprentice and moved up to mate. He ended up a master mariner but not a captain.

25-02-12, 18:44
Sorry, that's what I meant. There are separate records for mates and masters but I don't know whether findmypast are planning to put those online.

25-02-12, 18:48
Thanks, Kite, I'll have to keep my finfers crossed.

Uncle John
27-02-12, 14:00
The Lloyds masters records are courtesy of the Guildhall Library. Some letters haven't yet been transcribed.

29-02-12, 13:09
They've only put up a fraction of the stuff at TNA. There should be multiple references to some of my people: indexes AND the actual ticket details. It looks as if the early stuff ie around 1840 isn't there yet. I think it's a case of keep on checking.
What I do know is that FMP is going to be far easier than the byzantine system at TNA.