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Charlene Buckley
25-02-12, 16:36
I'm looking for information on Frances Gosling, born Dec 1849 in Walworth, Surrey, England. He marries Alice Amelia Soar in 1874 in Sydenham, Lewisham, Kent. I have everything after this time. about Frances. His marriage certificate shows his father as Frances. I cannot find a family for Frances, b 1849. I do not think his parents are Frances & Jessy Gosling as this couple go on to raise a different family.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Charlene

Margaret in Burton
25-02-12, 16:40
Just one observation, could it be that your spelling of "Frances" is the female version of the name. I wonder if you try spelling it Francis (the male version) you may find anything.

I don't have Ancestry or FMP at the moment so can't help.

Perhaps search using a wildcard as in Fran*

He could also be listed as Frank.

25-02-12, 17:21
Welcome to GF, Charlene

Do you think this is his birth reg? it's the only one in Newington District with the boys spelling of Francis.

Births Sep 1848
Gosling Francis Newington 4 388

In 1861 at Westmoreland Road, Walworth there is a 13 year old Francis Goslin (boarder) labourer b Newington, which looks hopeful.

25-02-12, 17:24
What does it say for his father's occupation on the marriage certificate, please, Charlene?

25-02-12, 18:00
.....and who were the marriage witnesses?