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25-02-12, 09:21
A Frederick Hasell in fact.

Frederick William Hasell born 1855 in Bristol Somerset is married to Elizabeth nee Barnes however they don't appear on a census together. Elizabeth lives with her brother George, at least on census nights.

They also have 2 children, one is Mary Elizabeth Hasell who marries Thomas Charles Browne in 1908. Mary nd Thomas have a daughter Georgina who is on the 1911 census with her grandmother Elizabeth. :(

I believe Mary and Thomas go on to have 5 more children so Mary and Thomas are alive somewhere.

They all live in Wales.

Can anyone find Frederick Hasell or Mary and Thomas Browne on the 1911 census?

25-02-12, 10:13
I think we would need more information about Mary and Thomas Browne to look for them, Toni - where and when were they both born? What info does their marriage certificate give about Thomas and his father?

25-02-12, 10:15
Frederick William Hasell born 1855 in Bristol Somerset

Is he the one whose birth was registered Dec 1852? Death registered Dec 1934 Cardiff age 80.

25-02-12, 11:08
Sorry Kite, can't you read my mind. ;)

Mary Elizabeth Hasell born 1889 Cardiff and Thomas Charles Browne born abt 1884. They married 26/12/1908 Llandaff, her father was Frederick William Hasell Boilermaker and his father was John Browne deceased labourer.

I haven't got Fredericks birthcert but from the 1891 census his YOB is 1855 and from 1901 YOB is 1852, and I have the sam death so the birth reg you found is probably correct.

I hope that is enough info, I'm off to bed soon.

25-02-12, 12:48
What's Thomas's occupation on the marriage cert, please, Toni?

25-02-12, 21:19
Thomas is a collier.

25-02-12, 21:49
I've been looking, but no sign of them so far. I don't suppose you have the address from Georgina's birth certificate?

25-02-12, 22:46
I don't have the certificate Kate.

What started all this was that I just got a FMP sub and was updating my 1911 census folder to show the infirmity column. I was looking for Elizabeth Hasell and her brother George and Georgina was on the census but I didn't know who she belonged to. Elizabeth is the only sibling of George's who has reproduced, that I can find so far. I looked for Mary's marriage and luckily FMP had the parish register, which is where I got the details above. Sadly FMP don't have the baptisms for any of them.

I've been looking too and I can't find them on FMP or ancestry. I do wonder if Mary and Thomas Browne are with Frederick Hasell but I can't find them to prove it.

I also can't decide if Frederick and Elizabeth Hasell are separated or if he goes away for work. Although he did have Mary with him on one census and Elizabeth is always with her brother.

The most likely birth for Georgina Mary E Browne is Oct-Dec 1909 Bridgend Glamorgan. Any other births for Browne MMN Hasell were in Cardiff from 1913.