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21-02-12, 19:12
Don't get too excited, Libby!

Name: Joseph Bailey Naylor
Gender: Male
Baptism/Christening Date: 08 Aug 1823
Birth Date: 20 Mar 1823
Father's Name: Joseph Naylor
Mother's Name: Mary (maiden name Jeffcoat)
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C03524-7

My reliable source believes he died in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia on 4 June 1877.

Is there anything out there that tells us when he went to Australia and what he was doing?

Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:04
This is what Ancestry has in its Australian deaths index:

Name: Joseph Balley Naylor
Death Place: Victoria
Age: 55
Registration Year: 1877
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration number: 3818
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1822


You should be able to get more details from the Victoria BDM site, but it was down when I tried it a few minutes ago:


Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:07
Again from Ancestry (Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923):

Name: Joseph P Naylor
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1823
Age: 49
Arrival Date: 19 Sep 1872
Arrival Port: Melbourne, Australia
Departure Port: Gravesend
Ship: True Briton
Nationality: English

There are no images for this database unfortunately.


Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:11
The Vic passenger lists site gives the same middle initial:

There are other Joseph Naylors in the databases, but this is the only one with the right sort of age. Have you found him in the censuses up to 1871?

Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:14
Sorry, that 1872 emigration must be wrong; it looks as though he may have emigrated to South Australia in 1848:



Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:23
The ship's listed here (Abberton, 1848), but the passenger list hasn't been transcribed:


Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:28
There's a partial passenger list here, but the steerage passengers aren't named:


21-02-12, 21:40
Mary, thanks very much, you have been busy whilst I've been dozing on the settee.

He's with his family in 1841, but I couldn't find him afterwards.

1841 Census
Address: James Street, St Marylebone
NAYLOR, William M 30 1811 Color Man Middlesex
NAYLOR, Mary F 35 1806 Middlesex
NAYLOR, George M 25 1816 Assistant Middlesex
NAYLOR, Fanny F 20 1821 Middlesex
NAYLOR, Joseph M 15 1826 Clerk Middlesex
LEESE, Ann F 25 1816 Female Servant ]
HUGGINS, Catherine F 15 1826 Female Servant Middlesex
LEESE, Amelia F 15 1826 Female Servant

Mary from Italy
21-02-12, 21:52
The Vic BDM index I linked to earlier is now working. It's bringing up 1 hit for a death for Joseph Bailey Naylor in 1877, but no hits if I add the parents' names. Might be worth spending AUS $0.99 for further details. It isn't showing a marriage for him.

There's not much online for South Australia, apart from the Ancestry births, marriages and deaths (which I don't think are complete).

No marriage listed here:

There are 3 hits on Trove for a Joseph B Naylor in Ballarat in 1859 and 1863. Haven't found a marriage or death notice for him in the newspapers.

22-02-12, 07:23
Thanks, Mary, for all the information. I won't bother spending on the death as he is one of my many branches. Thanks for confirming that there appears to be no marriage for him.

It is always satisfying to tie up the loose ends.