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I'm looking for what is says about Thomas Fenton who died in Wakefiled.
He has to be the one I want who was buried 23 Jan 1812 aged 46.

I can only get a snippet.


Karen S
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Oooh Karen...I can only get two lines......it's sooo annoying.

Thanks for trying.

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Thank you for the second bit as well.

I know I'm finally getting somewhere with this.....I can feel it in my water...lol

Agatha Sawrey married David Kirkby in Hawkshead 1762.

Their children include Elizabeth, 1766 who married William Ariel 1788 in Bristol.

Jane who married Richard Derry in Plymouth.

Mary who married THOMAS FENTON in 1802 Hawkshead, then has children in Wakefield. She then marries Benjamin Rayson.

Ann.....never married

I haven't married all the others off yet, but I keep getting this connection over a few generations with Bristol, Wakefield and Hawkshead.

Karen...that second bit you sent me has a mention of Sandal Magna which doesn't pop into this lot until two generations further down the tree and not in a straight line...

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Hang on.

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Libby, have PMd you.

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How do you do that Janet?????

Well, that's odd.....it has to be my Thomas. I don't have the baptisms of Thomas John or James mentioned in that article, but I do have Kirkby who is also mentioned (thanks be he wasn't given a common name)
I also have a baptism of William 1807 and Ann 1809.

Wonder what happened to his wife Mary....she goes on to marry again in 1816.

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Did I ever mention I have a typing speed of 112 words per minute? ;)

Now I've emailed you with an attachment that may be too large for your inbox. If so, let me know and if Julie agrees I can try to send it to her for you.

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Still no idea how you do it...but yes...thank you. Just let me read the first 300 or so pages and I'll be back....

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Details, details. :rolleyes:

Yes! :p

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Children please!!

Mary from Italy
20-02-12, 06:08
Not sure if you've already seen it, but there's a court case in the National Archives involving these guys (Kirkbys, Fentons and Ariels):

http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/search/search_results.aspx?Page=1&QueryText=fenton+AND+ariel&SelectedDatabases=A2A%7cARCHON%7cBOOKSHOP%7cCABPAP ERS%7cDOCUMENTSONLINE%7cEROL%7cMOVINGHERE%7cNRA%7c NRALISTS%7cPREM19%7cRESEARCHGUIDES%7cE179%7cCATALO GUE%7cWEBSITE%7cTRAFALGAR&SearchType=Quick

20-02-12, 06:30
There's a bit about it via Gale:

The Morning Post (London, England), Friday, November 20, 1818

There may well be more. I only searched one name. No time to read!

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Mary....those are all the same case. It's also in Google Books and a precedent for other cases.

It's all to do with a will (you'd never believe that would you?????lol)

Forgot to say Mary....the Tidwell is actually Pidwell.