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19-02-12, 11:40
I have found the burial of my ancestor Katherine Newbourn in the PRs for Hemswell in Lincolnshire. Image 19.

It says "Katherine Newbourn (perhaps Newborn) of Walkri?? buryed Seper ye 20" (1729)

Could I please have an opinion of where she was living? It's hard to make out and the map isn't helping me.


About one third of the way down, left-hand page.

Sue from Southend
19-02-12, 12:53
According to Genuki there's a place named Walkerith about 9 miles from Hemswell. Could Walkri be an abbreviation?

It wasn't huge in 1870 http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/place/place_page.jsp?p_id=14060 so there probably wasn't many living there in the 1720's!

19-02-12, 12:55
I think it says Walkrith, so I would reckon it means Walkerwith, since it originally said Stockwith and that was crossed out, and GENUKI says that the township of Walkerwith is included in the parish of East Stockwith.

19-02-12, 12:57
Thanks, Sue and Kate. I hadn't found it on the map, and I wasn't as clever with GENUKI as you were! Rather a long way away, but both families used All Saints at Hemswell.

19-02-12, 13:03
It's interesting, Walkerith is 11 miles away from Hemswell according to Google maps.

Henry Newbo(u)rn and Katherina Codd married at East Retford, Notts., by licence.
Their first and only child found so far was baptised in Gainsborough.
There's a burial for a Henry Newbourn in 1767 in Hemswell, and his son-in-law Joseph Wood and his family came from there.

When Ann Newbourn and Joseph Wood married in Lincoln, it said they both came from Hemswell. They also married by licence.

Image 33 Lincs to the Past Lincoln St Martin
Joseph Wood of Hemswell in this County and Ann Newborn of ye same marryed Oct 19th (1750)