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17-02-12, 06:50
I have noted that Robert Wishart (born 26 May 1852 at Fetteresso, Kincardineshire, Scotland) married Janet Pringle at Dunedin, NZ, in 1877.

I'm not sure where I got this information from as there are other Robert Wisharts in NZ at the same time.

I'm wondering when he emigrated and about his descendants.

17-02-12, 07:45
Elizabeth...do you know if his parents went to NZ as well or would he have been adult?

Uncle John
17-02-12, 07:46
You ought to be able to find the marriage in the NZ BMD index.

17-02-12, 07:48
The marriage is on the NZ BDM site

https://www.bdmhistoricalrecords.dia.govt.nz/Search/Search.aspx?Path=%2fqueryEntry.m%3ftype%3dmarriage s#SearchResults

The cert should have quite a bit of info including both parents etc, but you possible have that.

17-02-12, 07:50
And it looks like they had 10 children

https://www.bdmhistoricalrecords.dia.govt.nz/Search/Search.aspx?Path=%2fqueryEntry.m%3ftype%3dbirths#S earchResults

Not sure if you get the results page or not...

17-02-12, 07:54
Many thanks, I have found their marriage and 10 children and some of their marriages and deaths.

I wonder when he emigrated. He's not with his parents in 1871.

17-02-12, 07:57
I think this is him in 1871 with the Morrison family

Address: Auchedly, Tarves
WISHART, Robert Servant M 19 1852 Journeyman Blacksmith Muchalts Kincardineshire

17-02-12, 08:23

I honestly don't know where to look Elizabeth. There are some shipping lists online but it's very hit and miss. I've been trying to find when my great grandparents went to NZ from Ireland. The married in NZ in 1883.

17-02-12, 08:30

I honestly don't know where to look Elizabeth. There are some shipping lists online but it's very hit and miss. I've been trying to find when my great grandparents went to NZ from Ireland. The married in NZ in 1883.

Sorry, Libby, yes - 1871. We have the dishwasher repair chap here and I'm rather distracted!

Mary from Italy
17-02-12, 17:09
There's a Robert Wishart, blacksmith, living in Cromwell, Otago in 1880/81, and he's with a Janet in 1896. I haven't checked any of the other electoral rolls.



17-02-12, 17:37
Thanks, Mary. Unfortunately I don't have Ancestry, but am planning to in the next couple of months.

It's amazing how many of the siblings of my Scottish ancestors emigrated to New Zealand.

17-02-12, 18:14

Hopefully this link will work, he gave evidence in a trial.

Papers Past may have some other snippets of information for you.

17-02-12, 18:33
If we can find his death then the death cert should tell you how long he has been here.

There is one died 1945 age 93, and a Robert Balfour died 1921 age 67. The 93 year old matches better for date of birth.

Looking at burials in Dunedin, there is Robert Balfour Wishart died 30 Oct 1921 age 67, he was a labourer, native of Fife Scotland and had been in NZ for 45 years. There are a heap of people in the same plot but none of them are Janet, is it is probably not him.
That is the only Robert in the Dunedin cemetery database.

If the one we want died in 1945 then he should appear on a few electoral rolls so we shouls be able to find where he was closer to that date.

Hang on, I will be back.....!

17-02-12, 18:34
Chris, many thanks. Very interesting. It's interesting to see that he was a blacksmith.

17-02-12, 18:36
Chris, after my research this morning I put him down as dying in 1945 as I have his precise dob -
26 May 1852 at Fetteresso, Kincardineshire.

He lived to a good old age at 93!

17-02-12, 18:41
I think that is him, Janet died in 1917, Robert is still a blacksmith in 1919 and still in Cromwell, I am not sure those cemetery records are available on line.

I am working through the rolls to see where he ends up!

17-02-12, 18:43
1935 he is a retired blacksmith and still in Cromwell, and in 1938 he is just listd as retired. The next roll in 1946 and too late.

I will see what I can find about the Cromwell cemetery.

17-02-12, 18:43
Christine, I'm really grateful for this. Yes, it seems Janet died in 1917. What a long time he survived after her.

17-02-12, 18:47
There is no on line database for Cromwell but the council staff will search the records for you. Here is the link http://www.codc.govt.nz/facilities/community_facilities/cemeteries

If it is like the other councils I have contacted they are happy to do that for free. It may or may not give you more information.

17-02-12, 18:51
Fantastic, Chris. Up until today I didn't really know much about his family. I'm related to both his mother and his father.

17-02-12, 18:59
Tracing his arrival in NZ will be difficult. If the death cert says how long he has been here then the search can be narrowed down. The 1870s was the peak of migrants to this country with huge numbers of people arriving at a number of ports. As he settled in the south then his most likely arrival point was Port Chalmers, but he could have also come in to Bluff or even Lyttleton.

There is no searchable database of arrivals unfortunately so it is a matter of searching through each list, and the list is not complete.

11-04-12, 00:03
I have some information on the above including photographs of the family if interested. [email protected]

11-04-12, 07:27
I have some information on the above including photographs of the family if interested. [email protected]

Thank you, Ann. I am e-mailing you.

11-04-12, 12:08
Thank you, Ann. This is an amazing find.

I'm so grateful to Ann.

An old tin trunk was found at the house of a relative of hers. A young man had left it behind - he had worked on the farm. His great-grandmother was the sister to this Robert Wishart.

It contains documents and photos and Ann has already e-mailed me some through. I now have a photo of the parents of Robert Wishart - called Robert and Isabella Wishart.

11-04-12, 14:54
Wow, the world is an amazing place. I'm so happy for you, Elizabeth. And Ann, you're a really good sort!

Mary from Italy
11-04-12, 19:08
Fantastic, well done Ann!

12-04-12, 04:31
Great outcome! :D

Well done Ann!

Olde Crone
12-04-12, 08:30
This is when the internet is at its very best. You almost certainly wouldn't have "met" each other any other way.

How wonderful!