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17-02-12, 00:30
No idea if this is any easier but we'll see...

My 4xgreat grandmother came to Australia as a convict in 1788. Her name on different records changes from Carolina Haylock or Laycock. I definitely traced her back from me and am happy both Carolinas are the same person.

Going back further....

I've found baptisms of
Sarah Haylock 1/7/1759 St Martin in the Fields London
Elizabeth Rachel Haylock 1761 St James Westminster
William Howard Haylock 16/10/1763 St James
Carolina Haylock b5/1/1766 bap 2/2/1766 St James

All recorded as children of Howard and Elizabeth Haylock.

There is also a marriage of an Eleanor Haylock 6/8/1795 St Martin in the Fields

Now.......after Carolina's children are named...

Sarah, Elizabeth, William, Eleanor.

I know they are common enough names, but clutching at straws.

I have found a baptism of Howard Haylock son of WILLIAM and Dorothy 27/4/1736 West Wratting Cambridgeshire.

Can anyone suggest anything I should look for to prove or disprove this is all my Carolina's family.

17-02-12, 08:46
I'm assuming you have done the obvious and looked for marriages and deaths for Carolina in England.

Is her trial on the old bailey website? Any chance it mentions any family?

Same with any newspaper reports of her crime?

17-02-12, 08:59
Haven't found any marriage or death for her in England. The trial doesn't mention family but that she was from London.

17-02-12, 09:02
What name was she tried under?

17-02-12, 09:27
Julie...all I have about the trial is that it was at Middlesex Guildhall 30 March 1785. She was a domestic servant and charged with petty larceny. Transported for 7 years.

All the Australian databases have her as Laycock/Haylock.

17-02-12, 09:29
I wonder if you could find the court record it might say definitely what name she is tried under. That might be more of a guide than the name she used out here.. for obvious reasons.

17-02-12, 09:39
Sorry Julie......didn't realise I pressed the 'reply' button. I was looking for some more details......and you know what my books are like.....lol (saying nothing about 2 boxes of art books..lol)

Carolina had severel children in Australia. The ones she had before she married are registered/baptised (NSW BDMs). Two are Haylock and one is Laycock. Once she marries Mark Turner, one child has her maiden name as Laycock, one as Haylock.

Can't even find the marriage...lol

The only marriage I've found is 1810 under Laycock.

17-02-12, 09:46
Julie................do you know if there are whole parishes left off the NSW BDM site...or just my lot.....lol

I'm talking about the early church records 1788 to 1805ish.

17-02-12, 10:31
I believe quite a lot of records were lost but can't prove it. I know the 1866 to 1888 Tenterfield RC parish records disappeared (I think they were destroyed in a fire) which isn't quite the problem as there were civil records. Regards the country ones they are scattered all over .. depends where the priest/minister rode from .. Tenterfield ones were kept in Ipswich and Armidale. I know there are some McCrohon burials in Sydney that aren't on the BDMs.

17-02-12, 19:54
These are all Sydney being that early.

I know that Eleanor Turner's twin sister Louisa died 28th May 1796. She was an 'infant'. Neither child has a baptism listed on the NSW BDMs. Louisa's death is not listed, even though it's in the records of deaths and burials kept for convicts. That's the only record of the approximate time Eleanor (my line) was born.

17-02-12, 21:10
This website has Carolina Laycock/Haycock/Haylock cohabiting with Mark Turner (and others) but marrying Henry Heatley:

17-02-12, 21:22
Here's another website. Says she married Henry Heatley on 7 May 1810 at St Matthew's, Windsor, NSW, and that she died 17 March 1830 at Sydney Hospital. Also says in a footnote that Carolina and Henry Heatley separated about 1814:

17-02-12, 22:19
Thanks Janet......I have those.

My line is Eleanor daughter of Carolina and Mark Turner. I have a hunch that Carolina would have married Mark, because she had the children baptised in his name and I think the minister would have marched them at gunpoint to the altar....lol

She does marry under her maiden name in 1810 though.

It's trying to get her back that's proving the problem...

17-02-12, 23:27
OK, sorry, I thought you might. Other people's websites are no better than other people's trees, of course, so I wasn't sure how valid they are anyway. I hope somebody can figure out how to get you farther back.

18-02-12, 01:20
I know there are some McCrohon burials in Sydney that aren't on the BDMs.

By BDM's do you mean the online indexes?

My4g grandma never died according to the online BDMs which made finding her grave rather interesting. :rolleyes:

However her death is on the BDM microfiche, which I found at my local LDS centre. When I found it the LDS lady said it was common for records to have been missed when the online index was created.

So Libby there may be a conspiracy and you may need to search the original fiche.

18-02-12, 02:31
Thanks Toni. I know there are records left off the online index....but it's seems there must be a lot..lol

I know for sure the life story of Carolina once she came here in 1788. I really just want to get her back a bit further.

18-02-12, 11:06
I can't think how to be certain these Haylocks are yours (though they seem very possible indeed), but in the meantime I thought I'd post this up.....

Text: Wm. Haylock & Dorothy Howard 27 Jun 1720
Book: Marriages at Curry Rivel, 1642 to 1812. (Marriage)
Collection: Cambridgeshire: - Registers of Marriages, 1538-1812

18-02-12, 18:58
Thanks Merry......that's Howard Haylock.s parents.

Now to connect Howard to my Carolina.

18-02-12, 19:13
Now to connect Howard to my Carolina.

*watches with interest* :D