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13-02-12, 18:30
Could someone please look at the Ancestry wills index and tell me if there are these listed:

David Andrew
Mrs Lumby (I realised this one might be problematic)
Mrs Julia Woolcock Andrew

David Andrew was deceased in 1896.
I'm not sure if the two ladies died before or afterwards.

Likely to be in the Ashton-under-Lyne area.

Many thanks.

13-02-12, 18:56
David Andrew d 28 Jan 1871 Katherine Terrace Ashton under Lyne. Prved Manchester 31 Jul Aaron Andrew of Hartley Terrace Stalybridge, commercial traveller, and Isaac Kelsall of A-u-L, gas works manager, the exors.

13-02-12, 18:59
There's an Anne Lumby 1891 of Halifax and then Southport. One of the exors is John Henry Burton of A-u-L

(let me know if this fits and I'll type the rest.)

13-02-12, 19:00
Or there's Mary Emma 1893 who seems to have the same exor!

13-02-12, 19:01
Oh no - Mary Emma is a spinster (didn't notice what Anne was! lol)

13-02-12, 19:05
Julia Woolcock Andrew died 23 Jul 1890 and was also of Southport (died in Chard Som). Will proved by Anne Lumby :) (of 8 Knowsley Road Southport, widow!) and James Whitworth of 88 Portland St chemist and drugist, the exors.

13-02-12, 19:09
Anne Lumby d 23 Jan 1891 of Clifton Road, Halifax and late of 8 Knowsley Road Southport widow. Proved by Mary Emma Lumby, spinster, and John Henry Burton (architect & surveyor) the surviving exors.

13-02-12, 19:13
Oh, I forgot the estate values!

Anne £5,188
David under £600
Julia £3,254

13-02-12, 20:20
Merry, mega thanks! Sorry for not getting back to you before - I've been on the phone with my daughter for ages.

The information is great. For my new contact as a family member was told they would benefit from these wills.