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13-02-12, 12:44
Could sks please tell me if Ancestry has the registers/transcriptions for St Chad, Saddleworth?

My contact says he downloaded some registers from Google, but I can't find them as an e-book.

13-02-12, 12:50
I can't see them on ancestry, Elizabeth.

13-02-12, 12:53
Found this, but it looks as though you have to be in the US to access it:
Worldcat (http://www.worldcat.org/title/parish-registers-of-st-chad-saddleworth-in-the-county-of-york-containing-the-marriages-baptisms-and-burials-from-1613-to-1751-with-supplement-and-appendix-containing-additional-information-connected-with-the-church-and-a-fragmentary-history-of-saddleworth-cum-quick/oclc/701698276/editions?referer=di&editionsView=true)

13-02-12, 13:12
Thanks, Kate, that probably explains it as my contact is American.

14-02-12, 03:46
Yes, unfortunately it does seem to be the case, Elizabeth. I can get into digitized versions of both volumes, 1613-1751 and 1751-1800, but it does specify US access only.

It's at some place called the Hathi Trust:

For the download a "partner login" is required, but it does say that institutions "worldwide" are eligible for partnership so maybe there's a way in for you through a local library or university?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I ran across this in my travels. Don't know if it does you any good or not.

14-02-12, 03:49
I will have a look again but I think it said there was free reg from Aus .. I didn't log in because I wasn't sure how safe the site was.
I'm not sure if you can see but it covers BDMs 1613-1751 for Saddleworth-cum-Quick written by John Radcliffe and includes other items. I can register for free but I have to agree to unlimited and unrestricted use of all data submitted by me... which is my user name and email address... Don't want to do that I'm afraid. I think you would be better pursuing it through inter-library loan or purchasing it online through a book site if it was really relevant. Julie

14-02-12, 04:12
Hugh Wallis has some Saddleworth but can't work out which ones.

If you put up the names etc, I'll look in my now vast lot of sites.....(thanks to Merry...lol)

14-02-12, 07:21
Thank you for your replies and help. Janet, thanks for the list for Oldham and District. I have printed it off and it will be a great help to me as it's hard to know where someone could have been baptised etc.

Libby, many thanks for your offer. The surname I'm researching is Andrew, and there are likely to be lots, so please don't go to any bother. The Guildhall Library is just around the corner from my daughter's workplace, and I might well go there. I should be able to photocopy the entries I'm interested in. It might take me quite a while to work out which ones are relevant and which are not.

If I don't reply to any further replies today it's because we are off to Kent to visit our elder daughter and family.