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Muggins in Sussex
11-02-12, 10:50
I am wondering why the father would have bothered to have this clerical error on a birth cert corrected - and why does the correction say "on the authority of the Registrar General" ? Other certs I have with corrections don't seem to say this. Was there a fee for having corrections made?



11-02-12, 11:18
Wouldn't have thought WestraM > WestraN ( which could have been read either way in my opinion anyway) was really worth the effort unless someone was really being pernickerty

Muggins in Sussex
11-02-12, 11:30
Exactly what I thought, Jess!

Olde Crone
11-02-12, 11:57
Oh, you didn't know my father! He would have had a blue fit at a mistake like that and would have shifted heaven and earth to get it corrected.

When I got divorced, my father phoned me to ask me "What is your name now". After a few daft skirmishes on my part (Gosh Dad, can't you remember my name?) I told him I was keeping my married surname as it was too much faff to change it. He went mental, screaming that he needed to change his will to my new name and that I couldn't still be Mrs X as I was no longer married and that I would lose out on my inheritance because the wrong surname would be on his will!

Some people do think the devil is in the detail and you cannot otherwise convince them.


11-02-12, 12:09
The reason why they needed authority of the RG would be because the correction was made at a later date, not at the time of the registration.

Muggins in Sussex
11-02-12, 13:03
Thanks OC & Kite

Sometimes I think I just look for problems where none exist! :d