View Full Version : Amy is now called Mary?

10-02-12, 09:20
I have used David Cheek's Transcripts for Milverton Somerset Parish Records.
I thought I could easily trace Amy Pring (who married John Sloman 25/11/1816 Milverton and was buried 4/3/1833 at Milverton 39 years of age,) backwards. In attempting to complete my 4xggp thread for her mother, I checked what I thought was Amy's baptism 20/5/1793 at Milverton, parents Edward Pring and Mary Hall, and Amy's name now appears as Mary. There is a Mary baptised 11/10/1793, Parents William and Mary.
Does anyone have another source that they can check this date please?

10-02-12, 10:21
She's Mary on FreeREG too but it could be a case of mistranscription or it could be that the PR's say Amy and the BT's Mary (or vice versa). I suppose you really need someone to look at the actual PR's and BT's.

10-02-12, 22:28
I think it has to be her Kate. It gives her age at death and that fits, not good enough on it's own I know, but someone else had her parents as Edward Pring and Mary Kate Hall. They didn't have their marriage, but I found a marriage of Edward Pring and Mary Hall, so maybe they are all called Mary and go by another name!! I'll have to try and find where he got the Mary "Kate" Hall from.. Would I view the original records at the RO in Taunton?