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10-02-12, 00:25
how do I/Dad apply for WW2 army records?

Dad is going to get me my Grandad's records for my birthday, which I know may or may not arrive by Christmas, and I have forgotten how.

Thanks in advance.

10-02-12, 07:14

Scroll right down to the last couple of paragraphs on the left to see which forms you need to download from the Related Pages list on the right. The cost is £30. Your dad will have to sign the nok form.

10-02-12, 11:14
Thanks Merry.

There had better be something juicy in there that Grandad wouldn't let me see when he was alive.

10-02-12, 17:06
Downloaded OH's grandfather's service record off ancestry and found OH's mother wasn't an only child after all!!! lol!!! Don't think anyone knew though!!!

Just a question - when you send for WW2 Army Records do you get a copy of the actual Service Docs or just a summary?? I'm thinking of sending for 2 of my Uncle's but already have both their paybooks and wonder whether it's worth £60 if I don't get a copy of the Service docs.

10-02-12, 19:24
Every one I've seen was the whole thing.

Margaret in Burton
10-02-12, 20:11
Every one I've seen was the whole thing.

Father in law's was the whole thing too.

Be aware it takes a LONG time. I waited 13 months.

10-02-12, 20:31
Thanks will probably send for them then.

Yes I know it takes up to 18 months I believe so won't hold my breath!!!

10-02-12, 21:09
I know Marg. I told Dad it might be a birthday present but it probably wont arrive before Christmas.