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06-10-09, 09:57
I've found an article in the Times Digital Archive.......(have no idea how to show it here).

It's August 17th 1826 edition.....titled Ariel V Ralph.

If anyone has the time and access, I'd like to know what it means. It sounds like a "he said, no I said" type of thing, but I can't work out who was supposed to written what.......


06-10-09, 10:19
Ralph had claimed that Ariel had written him a threatening (blackmailing?) letter under a false name, Ariel was suing him for slander and Ralph's defence was that Ariel had actually written the letter. Ariel said he hadn't. Ralph had actually taken Ariel to the magistrates' court accusing him of writing the letter but the case had been thrown out for lack of evidence. But Ralph had persisted in going round telling people that it was Ariel who wrote the letter, and even told one person that he had dropped the case because he didn't want to be responsible for Ariel being sentenced to transportation. Ariel felt he had no choice but to sue for slander so he could clear his name.
When the case actually came to court, Ralph caved in before any evidence was presented, and Ariel therefore won the case but they agreed that Ralph didn't have to pay him any money.

06-10-09, 10:25
Thank you....................why couldn't they have just said that????????????

Another odd chapter in the life of the Ariels.......Ralph was the local minister....lol

06-10-09, 10:30
I wonder what the letter actually said? And whether Ariel did write it?

06-10-09, 10:31
It would be interesting to know.............lol