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28-08-09, 16:58
Edward was born in June 1866 in Tamworth Staffs parents Daniel Grattidge and Caroline Pullin.

1871 he is with parents in Tamworth
1881 still with parents in Tamworth

I can't find him 1891 or 1901 but there is a christening 1896 Altrincham Cheshire for Nora Grattidge parents Edward Pullin Grattidge and Florence Maud

Can anyone find him please

I have to go now back about 9

Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 17:05
I found him married in 1891 with Florence :
Class: RG12; Piece: 3200; Folio 117; Page 35

They are transcribed as

Edward Guttridge 24 born Tamworth
Florance Guttridge 21 born Berssingham, Handsworth

In 1901 they are transcribed as follows:

Class: RG13; Piece: 3709; Folio: 20; Page: 31. Living in Lancashire Whalley Range St Margaret

Edward Gratlidge 34 born Tamworth occupation Grocer/dealer
Florance Gratlidge 30 born Banningham
Ketty Gratlidge 7 born Manchester Lancashire
Nora Gratlidge 4 born Sale Cheshire


28-08-09, 19:35
Thanks so much Joan. Now I need to find his marriage, did you look?

Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 20:06
You're very welcome Pat


Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 20:10
There is this one on Free BMD :

December Q 1889
Fogg Florence Willia__ E St. Saviour 1d 322 xxxxxxxxxxxx No chance!!!!
Goodredge Edward St. Saviour 1d 32

Could that be likely?

EDIT : Florance was male lol!!!!!!!


28-08-09, 20:13
Florence's second name was Maud on the christening record

28-08-09, 20:43
Florence Maud may have had the surname Wilks or Hanks as there are a couple of birth registrations in West Brom District (right for Handsworth) around 1868/1870 with the right first names. However, there doesn't seem to be any suitable marriages for either of these Florences in the right time period, or for Edward, so maybe their marriage didn't reach the GRO indexes, or maybe they were not actually married!

Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 20:45
Thank goodness the cavalry has arrived lol! ;)

I am struggling to find a marriage too Merry. It doesn't help that there is a Florance marrying who seems to be a fella lol!


Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 20:54
Pat I am struggling to find Edward's birth. What name was he registered under is it definitely Grattidge??


28-08-09, 20:57
Pat I am struggling to find Edward's birth. What name was he registered under is it definitely Grattidge??


Births Jun 1866
Grattidge Edward P Tamworth 6b 376


28-08-09, 20:58
I have been looking on Lancs and Cheshire BMD's with different spellings of the name

Joan of Archives
28-08-09, 20:58
How weird Free BMD is not pulling that one up for me!

I see you haven't lost your knack Merry lol ;)

28-08-09, 21:00
Florence Maud Hanks looks to have married Frederick Hawkes in 1895

They are here on 1901: RG13; Piece: 2831; Folio: 147; Page: 7

28-08-09, 21:06
Yes, I saw that. Couldn't see any likely marriage for the other one, but I don't think I looked at deaths.

28-08-09, 21:24
Need to check this one out completely but there is a christening on Ancestry in 1876 for a Florence Maude Wilkes in Darlaston, Staffs. F: WIlliam, M: Ann

EDIT: Ignore this one - she's on 1881 and was born in 1876

28-08-09, 21:59
Pat, I suppose if all else fails you could get the birth certificate for one of Edward and Florence's children to find out her maiden name.

28-08-09, 22:09
Thanks Kite .........It's not that important just annoying that I can't find it