View Full Version : Computer help for wendy

05-10-09, 15:14
Can anyone help, Wendy cannot get her computer at all it wont boot up for her at all when she switches it on it turns itself off ;;

05-10-09, 15:17
Could it be that the fan isn't working properly and it's overheating? My mum had a computer that was doing the same thing and after a few tries it kind of blew up! Wendy might need to take it in to a shop to have it fixed?

05-10-09, 15:38
Will ask her to check that thanks Kate ;;

05-10-09, 17:10
Oh dear, my last computer did that and I ended up having to get a new one. Hope that wont be the case with Wendy's.

05-10-09, 17:40
Her son said could be the hard drive , I told her what Kate said and she is going to have a look later on and take the sides off give it bit clean as well

05-10-09, 18:06
My daughter had similar problems. We tried defluffing it, but when that didn't work we took it to a computer shop who found a huge ball of fluff trapped deep in the innards.

Once that was removed it was OK.

05-10-09, 18:30
Thanks Lindsey will tell her to make sure she defluffs everywhere she can

05-10-09, 19:53
Mine did that off and on for a while, then gave up completely. It was a corrupt Windows file. If she can get it to stay on, tell her to back up anything she wants before she does anything else.

Good Luck.

05-10-09, 19:55
Will do Libby, know her son is taking a new hard drive tomorrow to see if its that