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05-10-09, 14:57
Sarah's records all on BK6 now.

Sarah McCrery married Henry Thomas Rain in Clerkenwell in Q1 1851. They are together here on the following census:


Sarah was born 30th Aug 1825 in Bloomsbury, the dau of William and Sarah McCrery. She was baptised at St Mary Islington in Jan 1828.

I can't find her in 1841. Can you??!

Muggins in Sussex
05-10-09, 17:32
I've looked and looked - and can't find her - Sorry, Merry

Mind you, if you can't find her, I'd be astonished if I did :d

Maybe someone else will do better than I

05-10-09, 18:34
These McCrerys are a nightmare Joan. I've been trying to work them out for about ten years, but have only made some tiny breakthroughs this summer. It would seem possibly that eventually all the lines die out which is so sad. They mostly only manage one child or only one child that reaches adulthood.

The only remaining possible one to have had a living family was "across the seas" when his father wrote his will in 1790, so a fat lot of good that is! lol

Thanks for looking!

06-10-09, 07:16
I've now worked out that this Sarah McCrery had lost both her parents when she was still a baby (I think her baptism should show both her parents as dec'd, but it doesn't), so goodness knows who she was with between 1826 and 1851, but maybe she wasn't listed with her real surname at all?

Probably a hopeless case, but the only tiny clue is that at her baptism her address is given (1828), which I suppose could be the address of her carers. It's Wells Row which was probably in Islington.

I'm waiting for some documents about her father's will which might give further clues.