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05-10-09, 13:34
Never managed to link to these McCrerys so nothing added to BK6

I'm trying to prove/disprove (either!) a theory put forward by someone on Rootsweb a few years back, concerning Mary Ann SAINSBURY nee McCRERY, and would like your opinions please :) (if you don't want to read it all, maybe just the highlighted bit further down?!! :D)

There's a LMA marriage for a Mary Ann McCRERY to a William SAINSBURY in 1854 at Old Church St Pancras. They are spinster and bachelor, though William was actually apparently married (no wife, but two children) on the 1851 census.

In 1861 William and Mary Ann are here:


and after being widowed, Mary Ann is here in 1871 (though her age is out by 20 years when compared with the 1861 census, her death in 1876 suggests she was born about 1832)


In both cases Mary Ann's place of birth is given as Liverpool. The marriage cert gives her father as John McCrery dec'd (no occ).

Now, would you expect Mary Ann to have been baptised at St Ann's Soho in Westminster? There is a record on Family Search for a baptism there in 1833 which is the one the Rootsweb person has connected with (maybe because it's the only one they could find?). This child was the dau of John and Sarah Mccrery (the Rootsweb person has seen the original entry and John is a tailor as, later, was Mary Ann's husband) and Mary Ann was aged around 18 months, so she could easily have been born elsewhere.

Can anyone see Mary Ann McCrery before her marriage to Wm Sainsbury (married 1854) in 1851 or 1841, b abt 1832, possibly in Liverpool, parents John and Sarah? If I could see where she was living and get more information on her relations, then that could possibly throw some light on the matter.

I thought the St Ann's Soho baptism was one of my McCrerys, but mine were London based before this, meaning they would have gone to Liverpool and back for some reason.

Any ideas gratefully received :)

05-10-09, 15:28
Presumably you've already checked out the witnesses at William and Mary Ann's marriage?

05-10-09, 15:32
No, I haven't........

Erm..........George Smith??? lol

M Buckridge - sex unknown - too difficult for me! lol