View Full Version : Could someone check this reference please?

05-10-09, 09:52
Mary Ann Noakes
Sep 1847
Vol 12 Page ........... is it 147 or 149?


05-10-09, 09:59
Looks more like 147 to me, but there is that little mark partway down the tail that shouldn't be there if it's a 7 - but is probably just a smudge of some kind.

Durham Lady
05-10-09, 10:02
I'd be inclined to say 149. If you magnify it it does look as though the middle of the circle is missing but the start and end are there. I notice on ancestry it's been transcribed 14[79]

05-10-09, 10:19
Thanks ladies.
I've found another member of the family, which although was on Ancestry's birth list twice because of doubts over the page number, it is much clearer!

*hate it when that happens!*

Uncle John
05-10-09, 16:33
If you apply for the certificate, you could give the alternate page numbers.