View Full Version : Samuel Johnson married Jane Ward

05-10-09, 09:38
on LMA's database, but who were their fathers?

I was hoping Samuel's dad was Samuel, but am not coming up with any hits.

TNA has barred this database, hiss boo!

05-10-09, 09:49
It looks like he's James, Phoenix :o He's recorded as deceased and he was a labourer. Jane's father is not recorded. She's a servant and Samuel is a hatter.

05-10-09, 09:49
Right know this is needle in haystack stuff lol , what agfe have you got for samual ?? and where

05-10-09, 10:04
Bum! But thanks, Georgette!

Samuel & Jane married alittle while after they started a family, so it's good that Jane has an occupation, even if no father. It's definitely the right family, even though they dodge back & forth across the Thames, confirmed by Samuel's occupation.

06-10-09, 13:39
There is a Samuel Johnson living in Kinder Street in 1841 census, age 30. Living there also is a Jane Johnson she is down as ten years younger than Samuel, so this is possibly Jane Ward!

06-10-09, 16:55
Thank you, Nappcat, that's them!