View Full Version : Could Amelia be Nellie ??

04-10-09, 13:21
have a Nellie Rose aged 9 on 1911 says born Hackney the only ones I can find similar are an Amelia and a Ida Nellie born 1902 in Hackney which would you say are most likely ??? thanks

04-10-09, 15:26
Does she have parents ? or is that the problem ?

04-10-09, 15:33
hi Rachel she is with her Grandparents which doesnt help ,I am trying to see who's Daughter she is ??

04-10-09, 15:40
Nellie is traditionally short for Helen, Ellen, Eleanor, Helena etc though it can also be a name in its own right.

But of course anyone could be nicknamed Nellie it might not be anything to do with their real name.

Amelia I have seen shortened to Amy or to Mel. My ex's aunt Amelia was always called Millar in the family.

04-10-09, 15:54
Is Rose her surname or middle name, Val?

04-10-09, 18:16
hi and thanks Rose is her surname but of course its really Guttentag LOL I am finally getting somewhere with this lot .
So will see if there are any Eleanors Helens etc etc

04-10-09, 18:52
Well, if it's her surname then she could very well be Ida Nellie as people were often listed by their middle name if that's what they were known by. Have you looked for Amelia and Ida Nellie on the census to see if you can rule them out?

04-10-09, 18:57
Thanks Kite I am starting to think the same about Ida ?? I found her on the 1911 census so cannot really check anywhere else.

04-10-09, 19:02
I meant, is there an Ida or Amelia Rose on the 1911 census who fits the bill?

04-10-09, 19:21
Oh I see what you mean clever you off to check thanks again

04-10-09, 19:25
well there are all those names on 1911 but none in Hackney ???????????

Olde Crone
04-10-09, 20:02

Probably no help at all, but the Jewish family hunt I am involved with, Nellie turned out to be Helen Lilian!


04-10-09, 20:11
Thanks OC I was really getting on well with this lot, got to find out whos daughter she is although of course she could be one of the Daughters Children who never married and not a Sons at all